Connecting Youth III

Connecting Youth III


País:            Estonia                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Nombre del voluntario/a:    Nadia                                                                                                                                                                                         


¿Por qué cree, que es un buen proyecto?

My project was in a small city, covered by nature and a snowy winter and summer not too hot.
In this city, people who at first may seem antisocial, it is very cosy, with traditions such as dinners that ended in the sauna (at home).
With respect to my duties as a volunteer, with the supervision of my tutor I learned to use of machines, certain forms of communication and control of autistic children with a tendency to self-harm and I release my creativity with the children and I could learn new handycrafts , knitting, or outdoor activities.
I had always the support my sending organization, my host organization and my coordinator organization.
This opportunity gave me a full and profound change in my professional life and also staff, pointing a new way and a new motivation for my future.
The flat was really nice, and the money as well. I could integrate in the local community through my activities as volunteer in Viljandi Music Folk Festival, or singing at choir, even participating in events for old people.
I had a mentor that could to help me, even the last days in Viljandi hosting me in her house.
it was a fantastic project, with an environment so different than my natural environment and was a nice experience to teach me to adapt in others situations and places.
I really think is a wonderfull project to the people from western Europe, because change all their lifes, and its an opportunity to learn how to adapt to a new life and a different language without problems.