Sustainable Voluntary Work 2012-13

Sustainable Voluntary Work 2012-13


País:                    Holanda                                                                                                                                                                                             

Voluntario:            Alejandro                                                                                                                                                                                         

¿Por qué es un buen proyecto?

I will never regret that I’ve decided to do EVS in Don Bosco Rijswjik.I am very satisfied with my project as well as working condtitions. To be honest I didn’t expect that it would be so well organised. 

I am happy that I had everything which made my EVS unforgettable and priceless experience in my life.

I enhanced my English as well as social skills. I had a unique chance to get to know other’s culture closer and deeper. For the future I am planning to go to Univesrity. I strongly recommend the EVS to young people to not to miss this priceless experience full of adventures.

My service was: The main task was carrying out programms for school children in the project at and outside schools in multicultural youth centre. These programmes are on the basis of prolonged school activities and community school (Bredeschool) activities. Overblijf (during the lunch break) will be one of the daily activity of the volunteer. Organizing all the activities organized either by Don Boscohuis or Don Bosco Youth Centre as a member of Don Boscohuis.

I also received Dutch lessons every day and even they provided an intensive course in Amsterdam of 25h all paid. I'm still proud of my Dutch level because at the beginning I couldn't imagine that I would speak Dutch quite good.

Guys! Let's do it!