Youth for Environment

Youth for Environment



País:                                              República Checa


Voluntaria:                                      Mercedes


¿Por qué es un buen proyecto?        

When I arrived, I had an introductory week, where I got to know the organisation and I started doing my first tasks. I had EVS meetings with my coordinator and the other EVS volunteer every 2 weeks, and personal meetings every 2 months. We organised learning days for acquiring the skills needed for the tasks and we did evaluations after all the projects and activities.

I attended an evaluation meeting about environmental audit, a training course about leading and facilitating and a youth exchange about methods for environmental education. All these projects where organised by my hosting organisation and I took active part in them. I had Czech language classes for 6 months.

I am satisfied with my EVS project. I had a wide variety of tasks, inside and outside the office, with workmates, with the other volunteer and personal tasks, technical, mental, physical, handcraft and creative tasks, suggested by others or by me, lead by others or by me. My learning process was monitorized by my coordinator. I had always the support of both my hosting and sending organisation, especially for the preparation of my personal mini-project. I consider that the EVS project brought a change in me, both in my personal and vocational life. I feel more empowered to develop my ideas and start my own projects.

Accomodation was very good and food and pocket money where enough. In the organisation we had the chance to cook lunch all together and this helped me to save some money. My organisation provided me with an open travel card for public transport, which was very convenient.

I could integrate in the local community by helping in other activities out of my organisation but it was not easy due to language barriers. My organisation provided me with Czech lessons in a language school for 5 months and with a private teacher for one extra month. It was enough to get the basics of the language, but due to the fact that we work in an international environment, I didn’t have the chance to practice Czech in my everyday work.

I had a Czech mentor that helped me with some practical arrangements at the beginning and during the project we met every 2 months.